May 11, 2014 | | Walnut Creek, CA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I have used K&B twice now, once in the spring of 2013 and again last month for 2 related hardscape projects: a capped CMU wall, and a paved walkway with a 2-step stoop. I came back to K&B because I felt the value proposition was as good as I could get in this area, the company is solid and full service, their people are a pleasure to work with, and the results were very good and fully met my expectations. This is an established company with a broad range of capabilities, at least 7 crews, 20+ year veteran employees, and a management that has the integrity to guarantee the quality of their work, even when it costs them money. They corrected the few minor problems that did come up without hesitation or additional expense. The value proposition really begins with Jennifer Craven, their designer. Though not a landscape architect, I actually found that her design suggestions more closely met our design objectives than those of the landscape architect I originally hired. Our projects required only conventional techniques, so I am not qualified to comment on K&B's capabilities relative to any advanced construction technologies, nor can I comment upon their capabilities relative to large-scale cement work. However, I wholeheartedly recommend this company to any homeowner looking to invest in a landscaping upgrade.

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