Installing Artificial Lawns

Conserve Water and Save Money

Have you ever noticed how much time and money you spend watering your lawn? It can really add up, especially if you have a large property. Here at K&B Landscape, we serve customers throughout the Bay Area and often install synthetic lawns for both homeowners and business owners. Artificial lawns duplicate both the look and the feel of real grass while offering a variety of benefits.

Artificial turf can be appropriate for a number of locations, such as:

  • Residential front yards
  • Residential back yards
  • Indoor sports fields
  • Outdoor sports fields
  • Multi-use fields
  • Playgrounds
  • Patios

There are a number of advantages to having artificial lawns installed, such as reducing water use, eliminating the need for fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides. We are known for the quality of our Bay Area landscape services here at K&B Landscape and hope we have the opportunity to serve you soon. Call us now at (925) 838-1816 to find out more about our services.

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